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Let Us Introduce Ourselves 2014

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School Year 2014/2015 - Participants 8th Grade



All About Me 

This is me! 

Gabriela Eva    

Hi! My name is Filip. I live in Gradići, a small village near the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb.

I go to eight grade.  

I am interested in airplanes. In my free time I spott planes and build plane models.

Leonardo Hy my name is Leonardo. I had my fourteenth birthday this summer. My parents are Andelko and Antonija, and I have two older siblings. My sister Valentina is 19 and she studies international economic in Vienna, and my brother Valentin will be 17 in a month, he is junior in high school, and he studying energetic. We live in Velika Gorica, a town only 20 minutes away from the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. We have two dogs, Beti and Bernie. My hobby is playing video games and learning new stuff about computers. I hope I'll go next year in a high school that will teach me more about computers.



School Year 2014/2015 - Participants 6th Grade



All About Me 

This is Me! 


Hi, my name is Ivan.

I am in the sixth grade.

My favorite subjects are History and Geography.

My favorite sport is rugby.

I like reading books in English.

I am here because I like English.


Hi,my name is Domagoj.

I am in sixth grade.

My favorite subject is Geography.

My favorite sport is basketball.

I like learning all books in English.

I am so happy because I am here and because I like learning English.





All About Me - ideas:

Tell us:

your age

your family and friends

your hobbies and interests

why you are here :)


This is me! - ideas:

  • Create an avatar (for an idea, you can go to www.voki.com or talk to your teacher)

  • write a poem,

  • upload a drawing or a painting (your work) 

  • Please do not upload  a photo!





School Year 2012/2013 - Participants

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