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Earth Day 2018

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A: What activities do we plan to do before and on Sunday, 22 April? 

Who is going to do what and when?





Nature's Familiar sounds: record sounds and apload them to audioboo.com ( bees, birds, paying sports , children..)



Interview students using your mobile phone. Ask about pollution, recycling etc. Record the interview and upload to podomatic or audioboo. You can also write the transcript of the interview.



Our Friend The Tree: Write about why trees are needed by humans and how your life would be different if you lived in an area where there were no trees. Add a photo of a tree.



The School Litter Patrol: take a walk on the school grounds to see what kinds of rubbish you can find. Name the rubbish made by students. Make a poster to remind your classmates not to misplace rubbish. Include the examples of students rubbish in your poster. 




















B: How are we going to record our activities?



Some ideas:


To upload your video files: https://vimeo.com/


To upload your audio files: http://www.podomatic.com/ or  http://audioboo.fm/


To create a video with music out of your photos: http://animoto.com/


To create an online poster: http://edu.glogster.com/



See You See Me - Are You Eco Friendly? - Play this game and check how eco friendly you are :)


Click here to start the game!



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