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We love languages

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European Day of Languages is on 26 September.








1 How many languages spoken in Europe can you name?

Think of all the languages you can name. Can you write all the words for European languages?  Do not forget to check the spelling.


Add at least one language to the list:




2 We like languages! 


  •  Think about the languages and what you like about learning languages. Answer the following questions:

1. What languages do you speak/learn?

2. Which is your favourite foreign language? Why?

3. How do you learn it? Do you learn words regularly? Is grammar more difficult than learning new words? Do you prefer speaking or writing?

4. Why do you learn it? Do you like talking to people? Do you like reading books in different languages? Do you like listening to music in different languages?

5. What is your favourite word now?


  •  Organise your  answers into a text: 


1. Write it down and send it to your teacher. 

2. Record your answer as a comment:











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Gabriel said

at 2:48 pm on Sep 29, 2017

1.I can speak:english,german,croatian

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